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Specialist in Secret Animal Wisdom

Awakening the secret language of the animals within people to access guidance & messages from their Spirit & Power Animals, to live empowered with their animal guides

Women's Mentor


Spirit & Power Animals Medium


Teacher of Secret Animal Wisdom

Inspiring women to rock it in this life!

Reuniting all with their Spirit & Power Animals, opening the door to more power, confidence, self love & to live empowered with their animal guides.

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How I can help you

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About Me

Former Corporate Manager and Scientist turned Spirit & Power Animal Medium and Teacher of Secret Animal Wisdom. 

Animals have always ‘spoken’ to me. As a young child I had a deep love for them and would sit watching them for hours. The spirit world and reality was all the same for me as a child. I knew there was something special about all animals and would see them as my teachers, ravens and crows were my 'brothers'. I would see animals around people but brushed it off as a vivid imagination. I thought speaking with animals was just my own weird way of conversing before I realized it was called telepathy.


In my 20’s there was something inside me that just knew we weren’t on this earth to suffer. A knowing that we are here to heal the past and live incredible lives, yet despite this knowing I still had my own challenges of an eating disorder and relationship breakups.


It was the animals that guided me forward, gave me the power to see my challenges as something to rise from. Powerful 'coincidences' or synchonicities with animals got my attention and eventually led me to different teachers of various backgrounds and cultures. This helped me shift and heal things from my past so that I could trust in my mediumship with animals in the spirit world. So what were these 'coincidences' and why did they help me shift so profoundly?  

The ‘coincidences’ weren’t really coincidences at all, they were my Spirit and Power Animals communicating with me, guiding me & sharing their power. This is what I call Secret Animal Wisdom.

As a Spirit & Power Animals Medium and Medicine Woman, the spirit world is very sacred to me. The animals in spirit have trusted in me to reveal who they are, give their messages and teach how to work with them to access their power. When I work with someone they don't hold back, no sugar coating either.  


The animals have your back, wanting to protect, guide, empower & love you, they are just waiting for the opportunity to reunite with their humans.


A Spirit & Power Animal Reading with me reunites you with your Spirit Animal, the animal you were born with, the other half of you, part of your identity. As well as several Power Animals who are eager to share their power of protection, love & whatever is relevant in ones life at the current time., I give you the steps to work together and take your life to the next level.


I also teach Animal Telepathy & run ‘Spirit and Power Animal’ events, for adults and children, have an incredible Facebook Tribe called Secret Animal Wisdom which I encourage every soul to join, I am creating a medicine card deck, writing a book and jewellery


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Let the animals guide you...

never feel alone again, your animals will show you the way!

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