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What is Secret Animal Wisdom

Secret Animal Wisdom is the ancient relationship between humans & animals both in spirit and in physical form

  What is the difference between your Spirit and Power Animals?

Everyone is born with one Spirit Animal, you are together for life. You came in together and you will leave together. This animal is you, you have access to its abilities within the human context. This animal is part of your identity.

Power Animals choose to share some form of power with you, this is their gift to humans which is why our ancient connection with them is so important.  Power of protection, insight, self love, strength & confidence are just some examples of what powers are possible. Animal telepathy often increases as a result of these relationships.


So both your Spirit and Power Animals are doing their best to get your attention, to work with you and assist you on your life's journey. This is what I call the Secret Animal Wisdom. Relationships with companion animals can also evolve as they witness your journey & animal telepathy increases.



   What got my attention all those years ago to stop me in my tracks!


Power Animals work with me daily, but to show you how magical these experiences can be, I wanted to share this with you. It began with huntsman spiders (also known as our Aussie huge, 'creepiest' and hairy spider ) appearing inside or outside my car window 7 times in 10 days. By the 4th spider I started to wonder if something else could be ‘causing’ these spiders to persevere and show up inside my car.


I wondered if they were trying to tell me something, but then I ignored it and didn’t think again. When the 5th spider showed up I somehow knew to check in with myself and see how I was feeling when it appeared. I felt nervous, I felt apprehensive, I felt concerned. As if I knew the spider was trying to warn me of something. 

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Have you ever felt not good enough?

Have you ever felt alone?

Have you ever felt you didn't belong?

Reuniting with your Spirit Animal is akin to understanding your identity in a whole new way. You get insight into what drives you, you can tap into dormant abilities that are the gifts of your Spirit Animal.


You can wake up each morning knowing who you are at the core, with more excitement & joy at seeing life differently through the eyes of your Spirit Animal. You can access a new level of confidence & go into any situation with Power Animals that have your back. They want to support you, to give you that edge. Life will never be the same! No need to feel alone again!

Meeting some of your Power Animals allows for them to work with you consciously. This means you can utilise their powers in your day to day life, whether it be to see things differently, to protect yourself, to seek further clarity or to empower yourself in any number of ways.


The relationships with your Power Animals can only grow once you are aware of them. You can face challenges with a team of animals that will help you navigate powerfully. What used to scare you, intimidate you, bother you or frustrate you, can evolve once you are aware of your Power Animals. This is what is possible with the Secret Animal Wisdom.

Ready to meet your Spirit/Power Animals?

Want to explore the Secret Animal Wisdom & Animal Telepathy

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