What is Secret Animal Wisdom

....It began with huntsman spiders (also known as our Aussie huge, 'creepiest' and hairy spider ) appearing inside or outside my car window 7 times in 10 days. By the 4th spider I started to wonder if something else could be ‘causing’ these spiders to persevere and show up inside my car. I wondered if they were trying to tell me something, but then I ignored it and didn’t think again. When the 5th spider showed up I somehow knew to check in with myself and see how I was feeling when it appeared. I felt nervous, I felt apprehensive, I felt concerned. As if I knew the spider was trying to warn me of something.


Later that day, there was an argument I was involved in that really upset me, and for some reason I instantly thought of the huntsman. Because this was still so unbelievable to me, I thought it must be a coincidence and went on my merry way. 2 days later a 6th huntsman appeared inside my car window. I instantly checked in with myself and felt the same as the last time, nervous, apprehensive and concerned. I remember thinking to myself, ‘I wonder if another argument is about to play out’. Well guess what happened? The following day, another difficult conversation occurred and strangely I wasn’t triggered or upset as much as the last time, I really felt I had been given a heads up it was coming so I felt prepared.


When that 7th spider showed up, it really got my attention. It appeared outside my window this time. I checked in and felt the same feelings as before, but I felt confident that I was being given a warning and that I knew a difficult conversation was coming and that I was somehow prepared. That conversation did manifest and I wasn’t even involved, I was just a witness. I could have been involved but chose not to. This spider had given me a warning that a difficult conversation was coming and to stay outside of it. Well I did..and I got the message loud and clear. I knew I had tapped into something. Something secret. A real light bulb moment. I felt I had an ally. 


Huntsman continues to show up for me in this way, it is one of my warning Power Animals and it has never been wrong.
After the huntsman spiders experience I chose to pay attention, what did I have to lose right? It was the best decision I have ever made. Animals began showing up for me everywhere. In the physical in front of me, on t-shirts, on tv, car stickers, you name it, they were everywhere. The communication became clearer and clearer and dots were easily connected and messages understood. I was having light bulb moments everywhere! Those huntsman spiders changed my life.

It is now daily that animals show up. I call all of them my Power Animals as they share their unique power with me. Their wisdom, their protection, their teachings, their strength, their abilities, whatever they embody and live with, they share with love in the moment they appear. Indigenous cultures have lived with this wisdom for lifetimes and the Western world have forgotten this ancient wisdom. I now have over 100 allies that work with me to teach, guide, protect and empower me.

This ‘Secret Animal Wisdom’ is a language to be learned. Once someone is connected to this language they can tap into an empowerment that can’t be described with words, it is just so magical, so powerful, so unbelievable and mind blowing at times, yet also humbling and sacred as well. I see it as the gift of being a human on this earth, we have an opportunity to experience magic and love like never before. The animals give this freely. They are all part of the earth’s messengers and teachers. 

**The meanings or significance of the Power Animals I teach and share are my own individual interpretations and I therefore always invite each person to first explore within themselves a meaning and to check in with my interpretation for further information and to see what resonates. Every human has the ability to connect with their own guidance, interpretation and meanings. I am here to support the reawakening of humans on this earth by reuniting them with their Spirit/Power Animals and sharing the Secret Animal Wisdom. 

  What is the difference between your Spirit and Power Animals?

Everyone is born with one Spirit Animal, you are together for life. Once a person officially meets their Spirit Animal they often recognize traits and behaviours within themselves that are strangely similar to their Spirit Animal. This one animal has been guiding you your whole life and will continue to do so until you leave this earth, so it is truly special once the bond is reawakened.

Power Animals come in and out of your life to teach, guide, protect and empower you, some stay longer than others, but they are all allies and part of your team. So both your Spirit and Power Animals are doing their best to get your attention, to work with you and assist you on your life's journey. They are trying to communicate to you, this is the Secret Animal Wisdom.



Ready to meet your Spirit/Power Animals?

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