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What is Secret Animal Wisdom

Secret Animal Wisdom is the ancient relationship between humans & animals both in spirit and in physical form

   What got my attention all those years ago to stop me in my tracks!


It began with huntsman spiders (also known as our Aussie huge, 'creepiest' and hairy spider ) appearing inside or outside my car window 7 times in 10 days. By the 4th spider I started to wonder if something else could be ‘causing’ these spiders to persevere and show up inside my car. I wondered if they were trying to tell me something, but then I ignored it and didn’t think again. When the 5th spider showed up I somehow knew to check in with myself and see how I was feeling when it appeared. I felt nervous, I felt apprehensive, I felt concerned. As if I knew the spider was trying to warn me of something.


Later that day, there was an argument I was involved in that really upset me, and for some reason I instantly thought of the huntsman. Because this was still so unbelievable to me, I thought it must be a coincidence and went on my merry way. 2 days later a 6th huntsman appeared inside my car window. I instantly checked in with myself and felt the same as the last time, nervous, apprehensive and concerned. I remember thinking to myself, ‘I wonder if another argument is about to play out’. Well guess what happened? The following day, another difficult conversation occurred and strangely I wasn’t triggered or upset as much as the last time, I really felt I had been given a heads up it was coming so I felt prepared.


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