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Spirit & Power Animal Reading-Mum/Child

Meet You and your child's Spirit/Power Animals

  • 1 h 30 min
  • $250 Parent & Child
  • Online via Skype/Zoom

Service Description

A session with me and your child reunites you both with your Spirit & Power Animals. Your Spirit Animal is the other half of you, a huge part of your identity, the same goes for your child. Once reunited, your Spirit & Power Animals can work powerfully with you to empower, protect, enhance self worth & guide you and your child. This is what I call the Secret Animal Wisdom. What to expect in a reading: Children 5 years & older; I teach them how to work with their animals, to give them confidence, feel protected, help them overcome challenges, to feel loved & never alone. They then can apply this at school, home or with their friends. Children under 5; it helps you the parent to know who your child’s Spirit Animal is as this animal is part of their identity & deserves recognition. It will help you to nurture this aspect of your child and support them as they grow with an awareness of their Spirit Animal. There are just so many benefits to this. $250 for 1 Parent & 1 Child $350 for 1 Parent & 2 Children $450 for 1 Parent & 3 Children $550 for 1 Parent & 4 Children

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